You’ve not been trained in Restorative Practices until you’ve been trained by Keisha and her staff! Wayne RESA has contracted with BFDI and BFDI Training Institute to provide Restorative Practices training to school employees in Wayne County for the last several years. Participants, including myself, consistently describe the training as one of the most engaging, relevant, and transformational professional learning opportunities they’ve had – one that encourages brave self-reflection and supports authentic engagement in the proactive building and strengthening of relationships, on both the personal and professional level. Truly a life-changing experience!


Terri Czerwinski, School Nurse Health Consultant

Wayne RESA

Keisha Allen is a gifted motivator, educator, and facilitator.  As a Leadership Development Consultant, I work with educators – school building and district leaders throughout Wayne County.  Keisha has facilitated professional learning with the Elementary and Secondary Principal Networks, New Principal Academy, and the Trauma-Informed Leadership groups.  Every session has been unique, and Keisha constantly rises to the challenge of motivating, energizing, and uplifting the educators in attendance.  Evaluations of Keisha’s materials, presentation style, and practical uses of the content have been superior.  Personally, every time I hear Keisha present, I learn something new, gain a new perspective, or find a quote that has resonated with me long after the presentation.   She has a gift for gently “exposing” what needs to be discussed and is skillful in leading crucial, challenging conversations.  I highly recommend Keisha Allen, Executive Director of the Black Family Development Training Institute, for professional learning in your business or organization.  Time is priceless, and time learning and interacting with Keisha is always time well spent!


Linda Kell, Ed.S.

Wayne RESA Leadership Development Consultant


My staff has never talked about a training this much.  One of my staff told me, We can use restorative practices to change the world.

Ray Winans, Chief Executive Officer